A Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study with Hyper Japan

James Lovell

Who are TAMLO?

TAMLO is a Japanese content marketing consultancy based in Tokyo and London. We help international companies localise for the Japanese market and vice versa, including digital marketing.

Content is our bread and butter, but our expertise goes beyond. We cover content creation (copywriting, SEO), market research (social listening, customer surveys), strategy & planning (strategic workshops, design thinking) and content management (reporting, social media management, digital ads).

What was the client's challenge?

Hyper Japan, an event in London that showcases Japanese culture, asked us to help them to take their brand online and to assist with promoting their online event: Hyper Japan Online 2021.

The Digital Marketing Solution

So, to effectively meet their objective we delivered (some we still deliver at time of writing) the following:

  1. Digital marketing workshop = We began working with them by facilitating a strategy session to set the overall objectives, prioritise the right course of action, as well as position Hyper Japan versus their competitors and work out an overall content strategy.
  2. Digital strategy plan = Then we used the results from the workshop to create an effective digital marketing plan for Hyper Japan Online 2021.
  3. Social media management = We also wrote copy and scheduled social media posts each week across their respective social channels.
  4. Newsletter Copywriting = As well as writing the copy for their weekly newsletter. See the image below for an example.

5. Google Display Ads = We created, wrote, managed and optimised numerous campaigns to promote the event overall and each individual event and digital booth within the event. You can see below for an example of some of the ads we created.

6. Reporting = We reported on the success of all display ads, suggested improvements and optimised each campaign.

The Digital Marketing Result


"TAMLO were crucial in taking our events brand online and increasing our customer base through a rounded digital marketing strategy.” Mika Ando, Business Development Manager at Hyper Japan

If you require help with digital marketing in English or Japanese, please reach out. Then one of our team members will reply and discuss how we can help.


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