Japanese SEO: Analysing competitor intent

Anna Wildman

Plan before creating SEO content in Japanese

Before you can create SEO content in Japanese, you need to plan what the content will look like. The first step in this process is to analyse your competition and the user intent in your target area. 

Japanese also varies depending on the region, so whether the content you want to promote is for those in Tokyo, Osaka, or Okinawa, the content and angle will vary depending on the region you are targeting. This is in turn will affect your planning process. 

Select keywords in your target area

Select your audience personas based on the keywords you have previously identified. To create a persona, consider the target's family structure, occupation, income, gender and age, as well as the area in which they live. Next, come up with a combination of queries (keywords) and type them into Google. The results will be your competitor pages.

Carefully analyse user intent

Look carefully at the articles that appear on the first page of the search results to find out why Google's algorithm values them and places them at the top of the list, why searchers click on them and what the objective or intent is from all sides. 

Bilingual or native-speaker support is essential for this. Local intent cannot be understood without knowledge of the language, culture and market. This is where the challenge of creating SEO content in Japanese comes into play. We strongly recommend that you seek out a specialist agency like TAMLO to ensure that your analysis does not miss the mark. Feel free to use the following intent analysis chart to help you create Japanese SEO content that meets your audience's needs. 

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