LinkedIn: 10 tips on how to use it for successful digital marketing

James Lovell

LinkedIn: the Social media network for business professionals

With over 262 million members, it is arguably the most popular social media network for business professionals. The early product sold itself as exactly that and all about logging on to build connections with people, all in the aid of bettering your career. It’s also hard to deny its power and effectiveness in marketing a B2B product or service. But if you’re building a profile from scratch and want it to be successful, how do you it well? In this blog, I will give you 10 tips on how to use Linkedin effectively for successful digital marketing practices.

Build your own profile

Your ‘company brand’ is the sum of each individual employees ‘personal brand’ and that includes your own LinkedIn profile. When people search for your name, your profile is their first impression to your career, so make it stand out from the crowd. A finished profile looks and feels better so make sure you spend as much time as you can, completing it to a high level of detail.

Create your company profile

This page represents your company on the social network and should give ample opportunities for people to learn about what it does, the people that work there, culture and vision. And it also gives people the opportunity to engage directly with your content so keep it snappy and succinct.

Define your audience and goals

Without knowing what you want to achieve you cannot focus your efforts in the right way. Clearly set out your company objectives as well as the audience of people you are looking to engage. This will affect the nature of how you use LinkedIn.

Optimise your company page for search

This will help you to build your company audience on LinkedIn. Whether people are on or off LinkedIn, a well-optimized company page can help you gain visibility among the people searching for what your company offers.

Add company followers

When people follow your Company Page, your updates appear directly in their LinkedIn feed. The more Company Page followers you have, the higher the reach potential of each update you publish. Two tips are: promote your company page in emails, newsletters, and blog posts, encouraging readers to become followers. Add a “Follow” button to your website. This allows your website visitors to follow your LinkedIn company page with a single click.

Publish engaging content on your company page

The goal here is to publish content that your target audience finds interesting. If there’s one thing LinkedIn members find engaging, it’s a fresh idea, which is why publishing thought leadership content on your company page is one of the most powerful ways to grow your LinkedIn audience. As Laura Ramos from Forrester says, “Business buyers don’t buy your product; they buy into your approach to solving their problems.”

Use rich media to increase company page engagement

Cater to your audience’s craving for visual content by adding images, YouTube videos, and SlideShare presentations to your updates.

Sponsor your best content

When you publish an update that receives high engagement from your target audience and aligns with your marketing goals, consider “sponsoring” your update via Sponsored Content on LinkedIn. Sponsored Content is native advertising on LinkedIn. It allows you to promote your content directly in the LinkedIn feeds of the professionals you want to reach on LinkedIn.

Create LinkedIn ad campaigns

Along with Sponsored Content, there are two additional ways to advertise on LinkedIn: self-service ads and managed campaigns.

Use analytics to track your progress

It’s easier to create compelling content when you know which content resonates with specific segments of your audience. Monitoring your LinkedIn analytics dashboards daily can help you make data-informed decisions that lead to better results.

By putting these ten tips into practice, your business can accomplish big things with LinkedIn, getting even better results as you go.

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