Content marketing in Japan – How to choose a local agency

Anna Wildman

Step-by-step content marketing strategy 

When you decide to enter the Japanese market and begin creating content, there are a number of different steps to take depending on the situation. For example, for some companies, it is more important to translate their websites into Japanese first. For others, opening social accounts in Japanese would be a more effective first step. We also recommend that companies that already have a business in Japan adopt an SEO strategy to enhance their blog content.

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Each company has its own challenges, but what are the best indicators for selecting an agency to partner with? We’ve broken it down into the three points below.

1. Form a team of Japanese native speakers

In choosing the correct agency, you need to create a team with at least some native speakers. Localisation is key. Whether it's writing or editing an article, the group must always have individuals who understand the local language, culture and market. 

This will help you to deliver content that your audience is interested in and limits the risk of creating ineffective campaigns. And in a B2B setting, an agency that speaks Japanese will be necessary when conducting business meetings. 

2. Bring bilingual editors into the team

Bilingual editors are important in bridging the gap between the client and creative department. Agencies should, on one hand, understand their clients’ needs and, on the other hand, give precise instructions to the native Japanese writers and creators. 

This is a very important point that can make or break a project. This "bridge" person will also need to be able to balance the English context with the current state of the local market. Be sure to find out if your agency has this skillset!

3. Bring native marketing and creative professionals into the team

As mentioned above, native work is an absolute must in the creative process. Writers, designers, and marketers all need to be familiar with the local language, culture and market. Professionalism cannot be neglected in content creation as the content that ultimately reaches the local consumer is paramount. We recommend that you choose an experienced creative team in Japan.

When it comes to international content marketing, it's no exaggeration to say that the choice of agency can make or break a project. Please refer to the above three points to find the right agency partner for your company.
TAMLO employs bilingual writers and editors who are native in both Japanese and English. If you feel TAMLO has the skillset needed for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help you.


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