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How we understand the Japanese market and create content

5 steps for content marketing

An Introduction to Japanese localisation

Japanese transcreation, translation, social listening, content strategy, SEO: these are some of the services that we offer at TAMLO. What sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies, is our expertise in the Japanese market. In this blog, I discuss how we can help your business launch in Japan and, through localisation techniques, create successful content that is right for your target audience online.


There are 5 steps that we take for successful digital marketing in Japan

I have explained these 5 steps in further detail below:


Understand the Japanese market and identify your target audience.


Build a strategy based on your research.


Create content as proposed in your planning.


Push out your content through a variety of channels.


Understand how well your marketing has performed.


1. Research – Before creating a strategy, you need to know the market.

Data informs all of our decisions. If we have a creative hypothesis, we test it. If we want to surface insights in a particular industry, we test it. If we want to find out how your brand is performing versus competitors, we test it. At TAMLO we are 100% driven by data. But what data do we access?

Google Analytics and Search Console (SEO tools)

When people use Google online they are trying to solve problems. By understanding this traffic, we can understand what people need and want and how these change.

Social Listening

Social media data offers us the largest focus group that has ever existed. With the help of our partners, Pulsar and Audiense, we can research specific keywords online.

Online Surveys

We can help you to get answers to the most important market, brand, customer and product questions. These can be completely customised depending on your industry or project.

Customer Interviews

We can undertake interviews with your target customers to get answers to the most important market, brand, customer and product questions.


2. Plan – Before creating content, you need to know how with the help of strategy

Once we have the data analysed and evaluated, we can start planning. Our expert team of bilingual analysts can build general or highly specific strategy pieces. Plans that tell you how to sell your product or service in the most effective way in Japan. These include:

Content Strategy

What content is more likely to resonate well with your audience?

Persona Building

How can your audience be divided into segments?

Brand Positioning

How should your brand be positioned in Japan?

Audience Identification

Who is interested in your product or service?

SEO Strategy

What are the best queries for SEO and how can we create content that meets the users’ needs?

Social Media Strategy

Which social media channels should you choose and what is the best tone of voice?

Advertising Strategy

What is the best way to advertise in Japan?

Website Strategy

How should your Japanese website read and be designed?


3. Create – Now you can create tailored content for your target audience

Now that we (at TAMLO) know which route to take and what channels to distribute in, we can transcreate. This is where our bilingual content creators step in. They can build highly localised content tailored to your target audience in Japan. They have the expertise to do more than simply translate, they transcreate. We can create the following forms of content for your campaign:

  • Editorial & blogs
  • Copywriting
  • Translation of copy
  • Search Ads
  • Social media posts
  • Graphic Design
  • Websites
  • Landing pages


4. Distribute – we can help you to distribute content in the most effective ways

When the content is ready, we can help you to distribute depending on what the strategy is. Our distribution channel expertise includes the following:

Online advertising management

We can manage your online advertising for you so that you don’t have to (e.g. PPC).

Influencer marketing campaigns

We can identify, plan and activate influencers for you.

Social media management

We can manage your social channels for you in Japan so that you don’t have to.


5. Analyse – how are you doing in the Japanese market?

Consultation & Reporting

How is your digital marketing performing? We can offer assistance at any point during your workflow. This can be broad, or as specific as: “how is my SEO performing and how can I improve it in Japan?”.


This is what we do. If you are interested in launching your business in Japan or maybe you already have and you would like to know how we can help, please get in touch with us.

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