TAMLO on the “Export to Japan” podcast, a British NPO supporting businesses entering the Japanese market


TAMLO’s Chief Localisation Officer, Nanako Aramaki, shared her knowledge and experience of content marketing in Japan on the podcast hosted by a non-profit organisation, “Export to Japan.” Export to Japan supports British businesses entering the Japanese market and frequently invites business professionals to their podcast. 

The topics Nanako covered in the episode include:

  • Digital marketing strategy in Japan
  • The importance of localisation when entering the Japanese market
  • Popular social media channels in Japan 
  • Influencer marketing in Japan
  • Japanese people’s impressions of foreign businesses

This episode helps those who are considering doing business in Japanese and are interested in localisation.

You can watch and listen to the podcast episode here: PODCAST: Marketing in Japan with Nanako Aramaki of Tamlo

About our Chief Localisation Officer, Nanako Aramaki

Nanako Aramaki is TAMLO’s Chief Localisation Officer. A Japanese native raised in Canada, bilingual Nanako helps clients adapt their digital marketing campaigns for the Japanese or English-speaking markets. Nanako is also a professional flamenco dancer at the weekend.

TAMLO Nanako Aramaki

About Export to Japan

Export to Japan is a non-profit organisation founded in July 2013 that operates in partnership with the British Embassy and the British Consulate-General, Department of International Trade (DIT Japan), British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ), British Airways and Business Link Japan. Export to Japan provides the latest market insights, industry news, and information on the latest events. 
Website: Export to Japan


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