Facebook user trends in Japan 2024

Yuichi Ishino

Facebook is popular in Japan

It has an overwhelming number of users around the world and in Japan it is still a dependable marketing tool for advertisers. In this article, we discuss its characteristics and the use of Facebook as a marketing channel.


Facebook in Japan

While Facebook is used to connect with friends and family in most countries, in Japan it is more popular as a business tool. Why this is is up for debate, but It could be down to cultural differences as Japanese people are less likely to separate their career from their personal life on social media. Or it may be down to the fact that Linkedin, until fairly recently, has seen only small popularity in Japan.


Facebook as a corporate page 

Otherwise usage is not so different from that of the UK/US. Corporate pages are especially useful in promoting your company/services/products. Here are the main benefits of a corporate page.

  • Multiple people can operate the page.
  • You can create multiple pages according to your purpose.
  • And analyze success using the Insights function.
  • As well as easily collect customers’ opinions.
  • It can help to boost SEO to your website or content. 
  • And can support your page with Facebook groups.


Number of active users 

The potential audience that can be reached using advertisements is 26 million people in Japan.


Representation of active users 

Facebook in Japan is used slightly more by men. 53.1% of its ad audience is male and 46.9% is female.

Characteristics of use in Japan

Facebook is a popular app and interestingly, groups are popular in Japan for building a fan community. Overall, the platform is one of the most effective social media platforms for marketing in Japan.


Yuichi Ishino

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