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PPC (Search Advertising) in Japan and how to do it


How to start your PPC (Search Advertising) campaign in Japan

The Benefits of PPC in Japan (Search Advertising). Search advertising is a great way to begin expanding your business into overseas markets. Start with a little research and some budget and you can quickly be managing your own listed ads. 


(1) Identifying targets

Each country or region has its own language and culture. This is no different in Japan so you really need to think hard about your strategy. This is defined by your audience. Who is buying your goods or service? 


(2) Ideation and keyword setting

Once you’ve identified your audience, the next step is to decide upon on what queries to create. The key here is in the selection of keywords. It is advisable to have an ideation session with your agency during the selection process. It is also a good idea to get input from real customers with customers Once you have your list, scrutinise it! Make sure it meets the needs of your audience and utilise bilingual marketers for the Japanese market. In order to address this, the knowledge of bilingual marketers should be helpful.


(3) Research the competition

Once you’re done combing through your keywords, it’s time to examine your competition’s search performance. Find out which competitors show up beside your ad for your query, or what kind of competition will show up in the search results. We analyse each intent and use the resulting insights when writing your company’s advertisement.


(4) Creating ads by natives

You really need an experienced SEO marketer who is bilingual. There are a few reasons for this.  Firstly, an SEO professional will be more creative. Secondly, a bilingual speaker will avoid translating word for word and so will retain sentence meaning. As I mentioned earlier, if the market is different, your targeting will also be different. Finally, an SEO professional will know how to create multiple patterns and test what works. 


(5) Optimizing and budgeting

Optimising Japanese or English listings works in the same way but you should still test each campaign.  if the market is new, you’ll need to accumulate a lot of data to see what works. This takes time. Refine and adjust your creative and your budget accordingly.


TAMLO’s bilingual (Japanese and English) and Japanese-native staff can assist you in marketing your content in Japan. Please feel free to contact us.

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