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A guide to social media auditing

Digital Audits & Social Channels If you want to find out how your social media channels are performing  (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) running a digital audit of your platforms is the answer. This will tell you what is working, what isn’t, as well as allowing you to identify how you can improve what you […]

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Using social media to research the Japanese market

Introduction to social media research Ten years ago growing an online reputation was important for a brand to succeed but now it is essential. And it goes without saying that the cornerstone to any successful digital reputation starts and ends with a social media presence or following. But as a keen marketeer, PR guru, or […]

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Why Twitter is a great platform for market research in Japan

Gathering Information from social media Social media has become an essential tool for content marketing. According to a report by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan, the percentage of companies and individuals using social media is on the rise. This presents any marketeer with a research opportunity that is representative.   Social […]

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Digital Marketing Trends 2020: How social media usage is changing

Social media platforms right now There is one universal truth concerning social media platforms right now. International usage has skyrocketed during the pandemic and there is no stopping this juggernaut. According to GlobalWebIndex who recently published their annual flagship social media report, consumers are on track to spend, on average, 863.8 hours on social media […]

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YouTube’s user trends in Japan 2020

Number of YouTube users  YouTube is widely used in Japan, with about 63 million monthly users, or in other words, half the population. And its popularity is growing. Unlike in English speaking countries, TV celebrities have only just started their own YouTube channels. Their inclusion should see its popularity increase even more.   Demographics of […]

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The largest messaging app in Japan, LINE’s user trends 2020

Number of LINE users and main features LINE is the most popular messaging app in Japan, with 83 million monthly active users as of 2019. It covers more than 65% of Japan’s total population of about 126 million people. The main feature is a ‘WhatsApp-like’ messaging and calling function, as well as a variety of […]

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Instagram in Japan

Instagram’s user trends in Japan 2020

Instagram is gaining momentum in Japan Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in Japan. In this article, we explain how Instagram is being used in Japan as well as how it can help you to promote your service/product when entering the Japanese market.   Instagram in Japan As I’m sure you know, […]

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Facebook inJapan

Facebook’s user trends in Japan 2020

Facebook is popular in Japan Facebook has an overwhelming number of users around the world. In Japan, although the number of users has been growing at a slower pace, it is still a dependable marketing tool for content creators. In this article, we discuss its characteristics and the use of Facebook as a marketing channel. […]

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UK/US social media trends during lockdown

What is the #newnormal? Social media trends move fast and especially fast now that much of the world is in a state of isolation. These new trends have risen out of this new state of living and are fueled by the huge increase in social media usage (as everyone is at home). People in the […]