How to localise your content marketing for the Japanese market

The state of content marketing in Japan The general definition of content marketing is as follows: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.  ( Stemming from the West, content marketing […]

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5 reasons why LinkedIn is key for a global B2B marketing approach

LinkedIn should be a large focus of your social media strategy The unstoppable rise of social media. It permeates much of what we do and for most, how we consume media. And it’s terribly useful for businesses. Companies can easily market their goods and services through online channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; take your pick depending […]


Japan’s social media and portal site circumstances 2019

Japan’s ageing population and the market opportunity Like most countries, digital marketing is fundamental for promoting your services and products to the Japanese market. But the content should be localised before delivering your brand message on different platforms. To do this effectively one needs to fully understand the nuances of the Japanese market. To begin […]

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Why social listening is vital for understanding local markets

Understanding local markets is challenging for marketers Advances in digital technology are driving cross-border marketing activities between countries around the world. This is great for consumers as they are given more choice when purchasing. But with more choice brings more challenges for the marketer. With these developments, the localisation of digital campaigns has become a […]


10 tips on how to use Linkedin for successful digital marketing

Social media network for business professionals and its strategy With over 262 million members, LinkedIn is arguably the most popular social media network for business professionals. The early product sold itself as exactly that. It’s all about logging on to build connections with people, all in the aid of bettering your career. It’s also hard […]