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Japanese sake

Japanese trends in the UK: The sake industry & digital marketing

Understanding the Local Market is Critical   Human behaviour, taste and preference are all distinctive depending on where you are in the world. This will come as no surprise. This becomes particularly clear when doing business in new markets and launching your business in Japan is no exception. Take food and drink as an example! […]

SEO in Japan

Japanese SEO: how to meet your customers’ needs in Japan

The basic methodology of on-page SEO in Japan Before we talk about SEO in Japan, let’s briefly discuss the current situation of Japanese search engines. The share between PC and mobile is as follows:   On PC, Yahoo! Japan is 16% while Google is 76%. On mobile, Google is 74%, while Yahoo! Japan is 25%. […]


The translation of your digital content into Japanese

The Importance of Global Marketing With the development of the Internet, there are more reasons to work globally. Companies are now managing digital content in multiple languages in order to expand their business abroad.   How do you reach users in your target country/region to showcase your products and services? How do you convey your […]

5 steps for content marketing

How we understand the Japanese market and create content

An Introduction to Japanese localisation Japanese transcreation, translation, social listening, content strategy, SEO: these are some of the services that we offer at TAMLO. What sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies, is our expertise in the Japanese market. In this blog, I discuss how we can help your business launch in Japan and, […]


Why video transcreation is essential for your next digital marketing campaign

What is the key to adapting your message for video? The emerging importance of video marketing in an increasingly global marketplace has created the need to apply many of the same principles of transcreation for text content to video content. Without delving too much into the statistics, the percentage of web traffic held by video-sharing […]


How to handle SEO in Japanese and content production

SEO in Japanese (Titles and Descriptions) SEO strategy is crucial when localising digital campaigns in Japan. As Japanese is a unique language grammatically, structurally, and visually, content marketers need to be aware of how to localise their messages effectively. For example, when compared with English, the difference is clear simply by looking at the SERPs […]


Japanese transcreation and digital marketing

Points of transcreation for the Japanese market Advances in digital technology are driving cross-border marketing activities. In line with these developments, the localisation of digital campaigns has become increasingly important. However, localisation is not that easy. Familiarity with the local market or cultural context is a matter of course as well as knowing the language […]

Social Media

Using social media for localising your content (in Japan)

Introduction to social media research Ten years ago growing an online reputation was important for a brand to succeed but now it is essential. And it goes without saying that the cornerstone to any successful digital reputation starts and ends with a social media presence or following. But as a keen marketer, PR guru, or […]


How to build SEM strategy for the Japanese market

SEO and PPC (search engine) ads in Japan SEM marketing is built with SEO and search engine ads. This is a worldwide truism. However, you should always consider the market localization with a thorough understanding of language and cultural context. This means a careful discussion of the strategy and content is required.   The search […]