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UK/US social media trends during lockdown

What is the #newnormal? Social media trends move fast and especially fast now that much of the world is in a state of isolation. These new trends have risen out of this new state of living and are fueled by the huge increase in social media usage (as everyone is at home). People in the […]

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Twitter in Japan

Twitter’s user trends in Japan 2020

Gathering Information from social media Social media has become an essential tool for content marketing. According to a report by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan, the percentage of companies and individuals using social media is on the rise. This presents any marketeer with a research opportunity that is representative. Social media […]


How to create killer SEO content

What’s important in SEO Google, in its “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide,” states:   Creating high-quality content takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill. Content should be factually accurate, clearly written, and comprehensive.    What’s more, it is important not to put too many keywords, […]

Content marketing

Digital Marketing –  The 4 steps of content creation

What is Content Marketing? With the push for corporate digital transformation, a variety of digital solutions are offered in the field of marketing. One of them is content marketing. Content marketing is literally the practice of putting out content that is useful to users, directing them to your website and ultimately turning them into fans. […]


PPC (Search Advertising) in Japan and how to do it

How to start your PPC (Search Advertising) campaign in Japan The Benefits of PPC in Japan (Search Advertising). Search advertising is a great way to begin expanding your business into overseas markets. Start with a little research and some budget and you can quickly be managing your own listed ads.    (1) Identifying targets Each […]

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Content marketing in Japan – How to choose a local agency

Step by step content marketing strategy    When you decide to enter the Japanese market and begin creating content, there are a number of different steps to take depending on the situation. For example, for some companies, it is more important to translate their websites into Japanese first. For others, opening social accounts in Japanese […]

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10 points on content marketing (for entering the Japanese market) 

Aiming to enter the Japanese market Launching a new market is never easy, especially in choosing what content to create. Here’s a checklist of “what you need to know” for effective content marketing in the Japanese market.   When doing content marketing in a different country, you need to have a better understanding of the […]

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social listening

How to create content strategy with social listening

What is social listening? Social media research, or social listening, allows you to tap into the billions of conversations occurring across social media every day. By creating trackers/queries/searches, you can understand exactly how people are engaging with topics, brands, keywords and content online. You can then categorise, filter and visualise this information in the following […]


COVID-19 in Japan and its impact on marketing

COVID-19 in Japan – History to date The first cases of coronavirus infection in Japan were announced on January 16th, 2020. Then on February 3rd, the British-flagged cruise ship Diamond Princess, which already had infections on board, docked in Yokohama. From there, news of the infection spread worldwide. The first deaths occurred on February 13th. […]