How we build content marketing strategy for new clients

Producing the right content for your brand is no easy feat in any business climate. Which is why we are offering free content strategy consultations (no strings attached) in English and Japanese. In this blog, we detail exactly what we can offer you.   Why content strategy is key for successful communications Having a clear […]

Content marketing

Digital Marketing –  The 4 steps of content creation

What is Content Marketing? With the push for corporate digital transformation, a variety of digital solutions are offered in the field of marketing. One of them is content marketing. Content marketing is literally the practice of putting out content that is useful to users, directing them to your website and ultimately turning them into fans. […]

Tokyo agency

Content marketing in Japan – How to choose a local agency

Step by step content marketing strategy    When you decide to enter the Japanese market and begin creating content, there are a number of different steps to take depending on the situation. For example, for some companies, it is more important to translate their websites into Japanese first. For others, opening social accounts in Japanese […]

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10 points on content marketing (for entering the Japanese market) 

Aiming to enter the Japanese market Launching a new market is never easy, especially in choosing what content to create. Here’s a checklist of “what you need to know” for effective content marketing in the Japanese market.   When doing content marketing in a different country, you need to have a better understanding of the […]

5 steps for content marketing

How we understand the Japanese market and create content

An Introduction to Japanese localisation Japanese transcreation, translation, social listening, content strategy, SEO: these are some of the services that we offer at TAMLO. What sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies, is our expertise in the Japanese market. In this blog, I discuss how we can help your business launch in Japan and, […]


Japan’s social media and portal site circumstances 2019

Japan’s ageing population and the market opportunity Like most countries, digital marketing is fundamental for promoting your services and products to the Japanese market. But the content should be localised before delivering your brand message on different platforms. To do this effectively one needs to fully understand the nuances of the Japanese market. To begin […]


10 tips on how to use Linkedin for successful digital marketing

Social media network for business professionals and its strategy With over 262 million members, LinkedIn is arguably the most popular social media network for business professionals. The early product sold itself as exactly that. It’s all about logging on to build connections with people, all in the aid of bettering your career. It’s also hard […]