The world is becoming more interconnected everyday, yet cultural boundaries still exist.
We are passionate about connecting cultures in an inclusive, positive environment.


Yuichi Ishino

Digitalisation has given many companies the opportunity to step out of their home markets and expand abroad.

And with social media, companies are now able to communicate directly with consumers globally. Armed with the right content, they are also able to address the needs of users via search engines. Furthermore, COVID-19 has made it more common for trade shows and seminars to be held online.

In Japan and around the world, there are many companies that are taking social issues into their own hands and working across borders to make the world a little better. TAMLO’s mission is to make such “social good” products, services and values accessible to as many people as possible.

In a time when people from all over the world are connected online, we want to stop and think about the importance of mutual understanding and compassion. We are bridging cultural gaps and overcoming language barriers. With a diverse range of backgrounds, our London and Tokyo teams work together to support the marketing efforts of socially responsible companies.

Yuichi Ishino,
Mangaging Director & Founder of TAMLO

Our mission

To bridge the gap between cultures by connecting
people to global brands.

Our vision

To become an inclusive multi-lingual creative agency
that helps businesses flourish abroad.

What we care about
(our values)

  • Open

    We welcome new challenges and different perspectives with an open mind.

  • Curious

    We never stop learning. We are curious about the world around us and always want to know more.

  • Ambitious

    We are fearless. We are confident and encourage each other to break boundaries.

  • Supportive

    We prioritise a friendly, collaborative environment where people can make mistakes and be their genuine selves.

  • Optimistic

    We are always positive. Every experience is a learning opportunity, and we always take the time to reflect and move forward.

Company Information

ADDRESS LONDON: 16 Ingestre Place, London, United Kingdom, W1F 0JJ
TOKYO: 3-28-9 Kanda Ogawamachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo


TOKYO: 3-28-9 Kanda Ogawamachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo


LONDON: 16 Ingestre Place, London, United Kingdom, W1F 0JJ


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