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UK/US social media trends during lockdown


What is the #newnormal?

Social media trends move fast and especially fast now that much of the world is in a state of isolation. These new trends have risen out of this new state of living and are fueled by the huge increase in social media usage (as everyone is at home). People in the western world are describing their new lives as the #newnormal. In this blog, I have picked out a few new trends on social media that have risen out of the #newnormal.


The rise of the app Houseparty

Any business that supports remote living is doing very well out of this crisis. A great example of this is video conferencing tools. There are many out there like Zoom, whereby, Google Hangout. However, there is one mentioned and shared in everyone’s social media posts right now and that is Houseparty. Houseparty allows you to create your own video conference without the barriers to setting it up which you have from other tools. All you need to do is create an account and add friends. Then you can simply call a friend through the app and then any of your friends can join that meet. Because of this you often get that moment of “Oh look Max is joining our call!” which you don’t get from other tools. Not only that but it’s a free app and it lets you play games against your friends which is a huge plus.


A Revolution in Food

As the majority of restaurants are now closed in western countries, there has been a surge in demand at supermarkets and online food vendors. People are spending most of their time at home and they have the time to cook and try new things. So what are people doing? There are far too many new trends emerging in food at the moment to pick just one in this blog. Therefore I’ve decided to give you a few. 

Whipped Coffee” has gone viral online after taking off on TikTok. Yes, it’s delicious but maybe not the best choice if you are trying not to pile on the pounds during your time at home. Check out the link for a recipe.

Alternative food delivery companies have also become very popular online. These include food boxes, meal kits and even cocktail making kits as people crave new ways to introduce convenient variety into their daily diet.

“What can I make with…” is trending as people turn to social media for inspiration on how to create a meal from their (sometimes unusual) ingredients which they have in their cupboards at home. As you’d expect from social, this has resulted in culinary creativity but also a load of comedy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog where I’ve picked out a few social media trends. If you are interested in finding out a bit more about social media marketing work we do at TAMLO, please do get in touch. 

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